I would stick to the major brands for a wider variety of solutions, less bulk, stainless jacket and ease of getting parts. DuraVent 7" Inner Diameter - DuraPlus Class A Chimney Pipe - Triple Wall - Chimney Cap with Spark Arrestor. The DuraPlus 6" diameter, 36" length Stainless Steel Chimney Pipe is for use with the triple-wall, all-fuel Duraplus Chimney. Air Jet has a larger diameter pipe to do the same job as a more slender insulated double-wall pipe. The triple wall stove pipe parts are constructed of a stainless inner wall packed with insulation between a galvume middle wall with an airspace between the middle and outer wall. DuraVent 6" Inner Diameter - DuraPlus Class A Chimney Pipe - Triple Wall - 17" x 17" Wall Thimble. 5097753240. The price for a 6-inch inside diameter, 24-inch long section of Class A stainless steel exterior chimney pipe is about $97, as of 2010. You want the smoke and gasses to be as hot as possible when it hits the rain cap to prevent build up on the inside and the draw is better. Our Class A Tiple-Wall Chimney Systems stay cool on the outside while providing a hot draft on the inside. How to install a DuraPlus Triple Wall Chimney Pipe. MORE TO COME. 5097758023. [email protected] Available in 1 Finish. In three-wall pipe the intermediate wall is aluminized steel. The first measurement we are going to need to take is from the back wall to the center of the flue opening. TRIPLE WALL STOVE PIPE. The price for the equivalent triple-wall pipe is about $105. This boosts stove efficiency by exhausting hot flue gases easily and efficiently. And the air passages make wonderful homes for wasps and hornets. Use when an air-cooled chimney … The inner wall is stainless steel. ... Chimney & Stove Pipe (17) Chimney Cleaning (12) Chimney Liner (8) Chimney Maintenance (30) Chimney Products (17) Fire pits (20) Model: 7DP-VC. 30007 W Hwy 20 Republic 99166 ©2017 by Halls Sales & Service Building Supply. I'm not a big fan of triple wall chimney. Model: 6DP-WTSS. The homemade triple-wall chimney pipe you are considering could work for a while, in principle, but I strongly advise against your trying it. Duraplus chimney pipe is a factory built triple wall chimney kit. Class A Triple-Wall Chimney Systems are designed for easy installation & feature a fire-safe design to protect both the chimney & the building. $141.83. Triple wall is class A chimney pipe, usually satisfies code requirements for clearance from combustibles at penetration, and the rest of the way from there on. $102.14.