A scatter diagram, or scatter graph is a graphical representation of. This tool will allow your team to analyze and identify potential relationships between the two causes that they have identified. ... A Scatter diagram is a very effective tool used to depict the relationship or association between two variables. PMP charts and diagrams. A scatter diagram is a graphical representation that shows the relationship between the variables. -A scatter diagram is a graph that shows the relationship between two variables. Scatter diagrams can demonstrate a relationship between any element of a process, environment, or activity … When reviewing a scatter diagram… Scatter diagrams are used in the quality management process of the project. Scatter diagrams … Usually two variables are considered in scatter diagrams. The Scatter Plot (Scatter Diagram). Some PMP (Project Management Professional) aspirants find it difficult to understand because other charts use lines or bars to demonstrate data sets, while a scatter diagram uses only … The scatter diagram is known by many names, such as scatter plot, scatter graph, I suggest you refer any good PMP exam reference book to find questions on. Scatter Diagram Explanation. Mar 9, Project Management Principles (PMP) from Project Management Institute . PMP Exam Set A – Q97 A team of engineers is reviewing a scatter diagram to determine how the changes in two variables in a new type of automobile tire are related.