Although beets grow best in cool conditions with lots of sun, containers allow you to move the plants to the best advantage when growing in fall and winter. As light levels decrease in fall and winter, move containers … Add the soil to the container. Add soil to a depth of 16 inches in the containers, as beets require this much soil to grow properly. Step 2: Planting the Beets. Beets do not grow … Also when planting the beet seeds, make sure you leave enough room along the edges so the beetroot can grow… Beetroot plants need room for the roots to grow. Protect from heavy freezes by moving into the garage. The container should be at least 17 inches deep. Containers Offer Mobility. Beets are easy-to-grow vegetables that are especially well suited for container growing, and any variety of beet is appropriate in a large enough container. So the container or pot should be at least 12 inches, 30 cm in depth. The soil should be fertile and sandy, and have a neutral pH level. Growing Beets in Containers.