A Survey on Deep Learning: Algorithms, Techniques, and Applications SAMIRAPOUYANFAR,FloridaInternationalUniversity SAADSADIQandYILINYAN,UniversityofMiami … Differing from traditional machine learning algorithms, deep learning … To overcome the above challenges, deep learning techniques have been used to deal with the brain information in the past few years. They’re a popular field of research in computer vision, and can be seen in self-driving cars, facial recognition, and disease detection systems.. Today, deep learning algorithms are able to use the context and objects in the images to color them to basically recreate the black-and-white image in color. Neural networks are composed of multiple layers that drive deep learning. The results are impressive and … Object detection algorithms are a method of recognizing objects in images or video. Many people think that you need a comprehensive knowledge of machine learning, AI, and computer science to implement these algorithms… Deep learning is a subset of machine learning involved with algorithms inspired by the working of the human brain called artificial neural networks.