Through means not yet fully understood, the virus uses the cells of the brains' frontal lobe for replication, destroying them in the process. Subject will attempt to ingest living humans if physical contact is made. Tess Mercer was one of the first to be infected after she was attacked at the Luthor Mansion by infected zombies. Clark took a blood sample from Tess for Chloe Sullivan, who analyzed it and brought up the security files from the manor and found the zombies. Surviving tissue assumes its original function and is highly resilient. When I first heard this, I was more than a little concerned. To create their unique rendering of the zombie, designers usually add numerous symptoms that an infected person experiences before turning. Each zombie and zombie virus varies in popular media but the basic ground work of a zombie and virus are as follows Flu-like symptoms with Each zombie and zombie virus varies in popular media but the basic ground work of a zombie and virus are as follows. Human T-virus carriers share many traits with the living dead of horror fiction, earning them the unscientific name of "… Human beings infected by the T-virus begin to experience severe flu-like symptoms shortly after infection; these symptoms become worse over time and the infectees' skin will decay and peel, and their cognitive faculties will deteriorate until all that remains is a savage, mindless creature that by all rights should be dead. Creator Robert Kirkman is finally ready to talk about what caused the fictional zombie pandemic in The Walking Dead. Mad Zs: A zombie that is infected by a mutated form of ZN1this mutatio… This is the result of an extraterrestrial biological agent. The ZN1virus creates multiple zombie types. The spread of the virus has even forced the Disneyland theme park in Shanghai to shut down to prevent further outbreak. Subject can adapt to its damaged nervous systems but is limited to basic physical activities, including standing up, balancing on two legs, walking, biting, pushing, pulling, getting back up when knocked to the ground, stalking, moaning, grabbing, and crawling. All zombie media has its own version of a zombie and a zombie virus. Receiving a scratch by a zombie . The antidote cured the infected zombies, as well as Lois who was recently infected. Solanum is a fictional virus that turns people into zombies in The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z novel.It is highly infectious, incurable, and gives its transformed victims mysterious properties. Even death won’t stop this virus from replicating! I guess that qualifies me. The unnamed Zombie Virus was an alien pathogen originating from the planet Krypton engineered by Coats. The zombie virus was airborne, but was not activated until the infected human fell asleep. Phew! The progressing Sick moodle, increasing Pain and decreasing Health are a giveaway for progressing zombie infection. Signs and symptoms. This movie stars Brad Pitt as Gerry,… Coma onset approximately 20 hours after first symptoms appear and 12 hours after noticeable dementia. These victims are reappearing as … For more details, read Zombieon W… 0: Weaken immunity. Zombie prefers to suck the blood from its prey rather than eat its flesh. The Necroa Virus is a special plague type that has aggressive metabolic demands, and "extreme regenerative capabilities". Coats gave Zod the blood sample from the antidote and explained that they could track it. Once activated, the virus affected the humans look and cause the appearance of the following Characteristics: Skin flaking and discoloration Drooling Blackened teeth/mouth I always thought zombies were just a fun and wildly popular horror movie genre. Because Davis was Kryptonian, his enzyme was as well, so Chloe and Emil used Clark's blood to make the antidote for the zombie virus. Th… This exploration reveals that fiction focusing on apocalyptic disease often uses the zombie as embodiment of infection, as well as an exemplar of current knowledge on emerging disease. Arriving at the Planet, Clark found Lois defending herself against several zombies and helped to fend them off before taking her to safety. Metabolism may decrease to extremely low levels, allowing subject to survive for over 10 years without nutrition. Once the brain is infected, all bodily functions (including the function of the heart and lungs) cease, and all trace of personality, individuality, mercy and according to many, humanity, is irrevocably lost. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the main national public health institute in the United States, has a zombie preparedness guide. Zod immediately believed that the Blur was Jor-El. ("Relatively" … Other symptoms of the deadly disease include a loss of smell and taste, fever, aches, breathlessness, fatigue, a dry cough, diarrhea, strokes and seizures, and for some, no symptoms at all. These 1 micrometer viruses are enormous for a virus, as large as many bacteria. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Upon activation, the infected humans showed the following symptoms: Once activated, the virus affected the humans look and cause the appearance of the following Characteristics: Once activated, the virus affected the humans physiology and grant them the following powers: However, those are only in compare to humans, not as near as close to the respective powers of a Kryptonian under a yellow sun. Symptoms. They can become more aggressive and less afraid of … Flu-like symptoms with high fever, plus severe dementia in later stages. Emil then recognized that the base enzyme was similar to that of Davis Bloome. Watching zombie movies like “28 Days Later,” “Zombieland,” “World War Z,” and others has helped me wrap my head around what we’re going through right now. ;) I do not think this kind of apocalypse -- corpses reanimated and being carnivorous -- is possible. BlastersA special type of zombie created by the nuclear blast. Emil and Chloe flew to the Metropolis water supplies and distributed the antidote, then seeded it into the clouds in the form of rain. Goal: Figure out how the zombie virus was originally transmitted and what hypothesis might explain . When a doctor informed Coats that Tess was brought from the Daily Planet, Clark realized that Lois was in danger. The zombies in this alternative reality are the results of an extraterrestrial space-borne virus. When it was revealed that she had transformed into a zombie, Tess attacked Lois and had to be restrained by Clark until Coats sedated her. Learn more about zombie deer disease. The English word "zombie" is first recorded in 1819, in a history of Brazil by the poet Robert Southey, in the form of "zombi." A period of sporadic cellular necrosis occurs which comes to resemble gangrene. Guan Yi, a Hong Kong … Dead Island Riptide - Introducing the Wrestler Zombie (Mutated Wayne Cutscene). Coats unleashed the zombie virus into Metropolis. Conditioned behavior, motor controls, and instinctive behavioral mechanisms are damaged, and cognitive abilities are severely weakened and erratic. The virus was created by Coats, a soldier in the Kandorian army, in an attempt to flush out Clark Kent by forcing him to provide an antidote. 1: Fatigue (medical). 5. These are signs and symptoms of the zombie virus that creates these kind of zombies. When lured out of Siberian frost with fresh amoeba, zombie viruses attacked the amoeba and bent them to their will! “Super-shedding” animals. History: In 2000, scientists managed to revive 250 million year old bacteria from salt crystals found buried 560 meters below ground in New Mexico. Red blood cells greatly increase oxygen storage capacity, resulting in slower blood flow and increased muscle endurance and strength. The premise that all living people are already infected with the zombie virus was introduced in Season 1, during a foray to the Centers for Disease Control … Zombie viruses have unusual and intriguing genetic material, unlike other known lifeforms. Animals experience excessive brain necrosis and are inactive. Neutralizing fully-infected subjects requires significant cranial trauma. A zombie (Haitian French: zombi, Haitian Creole: zonbi) is a fictional undead corporeal revenant created through the reanimation of a corpse.Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. Drug-resistant fungi. The cybersecurity expert and US presidential candidate tweeted about a claim that people are testing “infection vectors for the release of a powerful Research Chemical that causes zombie-like symptoms,” and linked to an article about a “purposeful contaminant” in a number of CBD products, saying it “should scare you.” “What better vector?” he added. Symptoms: Humans cannot be infected with zombie virus. Let's take a bit of a break and talk about something relatively less serious. Symptoms include a runny nose, headache, cough and fever, shortness of breath, chills and body aches. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Authorities in Malaysia actually had to dispel the fear some people have that coronavirus causes zombie like symptoms. 4. Coma onset will be considered onset of death. PhytosA special type of zombie created by humans and combined plants. Zombie Animals: Any animal affected by the virus. Solanumbegins to transform the host from human into a zombie once it is introduced into the body. Chronic wasting disease is spreading among elk and deer in the United States, and now experts are warning that it may one day be transmittable to humans. Zombie infection can be started by one of the following: Getting bitten by a zombie . The first case was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019.. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste.Symptoms begin one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus. Zod told Coats to kneel and then beheaded him for his insubordination. Status Report: (Read to students) An increasing number of citizens are disappearing, especially at night. Coats later went to Zod, who said that Coats had become reckless in unleashing the virus. Subject will energetically move towards sights, sounds, and smells it associates with living humans. The reanimated virus. Dysarthria. BRITAIN could be swarming with “zombies” infected by the deadly coronavirus infection without even knowing it, experts have warned. Zombie Outbreak. Radioactive Zombies: A special type of zombie created by highly radioactive areas such the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant. 3. Zombie Viruses. Emil modeled the virus' path and they realized that it was spreading rapidly and caused the victim to fall asleep in order to germinate. High blood viscosity results in negligible blood flow from gunshot, puncture, and slashing injuries. The symptoms of the disease included a loss of all cognitive ability as well as an animalistic appetite for flesh, all reminiscent of the zombies of contemporary horror cinema. It is a stereotypical zombie virus. The virus has a long incubation time and virtually th… The zombie virus could be cured with a water-borne antidote made by Dr. Emil Hamilton that was made from Clark Kent's blood. Upon exposure to the antidote, the effects of the virus were reversed almost instantly. World War Z was released in 2013 and is based on the 2006 novel by the same name. Its most notable trait is that when it infects humans and kills them, they will reanimate and become "undead" zombies (if the Cytopathic Reanimation symptom has been evolved via mutation or DNA points). The symptoms of chronic wasting disease reduce infected animals to zombie-like creatures: Stumbling, drooling, drastic weight loss. how it happened. Smallville Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 2. Zombie outbreak on CNN live report! 1. Coats then revealed that the antidote was made from Kryptonian blood and gave Zod a paper with the Mark of El, telling Zod that the symbol appeared all over Metropolis from someone called "The Blur."