First, custom CSS styling in my child theme stylesheet does not display reliably in the visual builder. It would be cool if there was a CSS class building system in place that could carry across pages. Today we are excited to introduce Divi Sticky Options, a brand new feature that allows you to stick any element to the top or bottom of the browser viewport as you... Posted on July 30, 2020 by Nick Roach in Theme Releases. When I used Divi 4 years before done more that 50 sites and recommended to many clients due to speed all other templates from themeforest was struggling with speed and I comapre with divi. Very nice – but how about sorting out just some of the simple gaps like the blurbs lack of functionality. Am I missing something? Thanks for this. Every Divi feature update these days is sneak-peaked first. Thanks guys . Knowing all this, if you list features indented under the feature(s) they probably depend upon, you end up with a list that looks like this: – Dynamic Content I will have to say that being waiting for this update since late 2017, I was expecting something a little bit more “advanced”. As always, I appreciate how fully baked this feature is out of the gate, thanks for listening to the community and consistently improving. Second, despite all of the wonderful functionality Nick and his team have been bringing to the visual builder, it’s still only faster and more efficient and building single pages. – Support Center Congrats, it looks amazing. I can’t wait to start using this. That would be really useful and much better than having to enter the admin name extra. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Sorry to hear that Sally. The Best Place To Find Divi Modules, Child Themes & Layouts I feel you have much more control in that than in the visual builder and as of now it actually creates more work than save work… I usually do preview to watch the changes. But wait, we’ve added even more features and customizations too! One feature missing from the Divi Theme which can be found in some other themes is the ability to have a full-width image displayed right at the top of the page, above the main header bar. It’s very frustrating as a designer to have to stop and go find the right code and then hope I’ve added it to the right section of the css options. There is a market for both. The payoff if you build a site with a builder is that you may end up with something that is not as lean and it is something I am conscious of when using Divi. How to get this effect? Unlimited Websites. Great points Randy. Updated Divi theme & builder but no sign of this new features??? Good job, guys, but I want to see real improvements on EXTRA’s Category Builder, and a better integration with Divi Builder. Thanks team. Column Structure, Shape Divider & Hover Options are some of the long waiting functions. What’s exceptional about it is that the hover effect on the image will be activated whenever you place your cursor within the row. Home; The $2.4m Podcast. WHAT ABOUT MENU HOVER OPTIONS (and current section on menu)? I’m excited to try this new feature, just that I’m waiting a bit, because lately I see reports of errors in the users when they update an update immediately, which worries me a little, but at the same time I know that It is normal, when new functions come. Visual builder right now until the backend builder update comes out. Nearly every other page builder, especially Gutenberg (even though it is not technically a page builder yet) and Oxygen, have better base layout systems right now. No, sorry. Customers will be doing back flips. What? Amazing… I’m just frustrated to don’t have all that options in Woocommerce pages and elements. (I haven’t tested). Exactly questions asked here since many many months and no answers as sneak previous are ideas in the wind! ET has invested time into something that has a shrinking demand. In the future, when Divi drops support for IE11 (enemy of web developers everywhere), things like CSS Variables could be used to make the CSS used in both the builder and theme much cleaner and more flexible. I have the impression that global modules don’t work when you change something in the module on a page. At line 4, 8 and 12 you can replace INSERT_IMAGE_URL_HERE with the images you just uploaded in step 1. image_swap_1_hover is for column 1 etc. ), ‘Dynamic Content will come first. Otherwise ALL those settings are lost, where as adding CSS can be easily saved to a text document for Child Theme. How do you do this? This is why you dominate!! Amazing, I’ve been waiting a long time. Choose the image size, hover style, and opacity. I am hoping that the menu/header area gets a make over soon so that you can use these types of features without resorting to CSS, This update breaked all my custom code module layouts, in example a simple standard section with one row and one column and a code module inside looks stretched, if I enable the visual builder everything looks good but disabling the builder makes all my custom code module stretched. Well, at the end of the Divi does it impressively! Hover, no). That means I have no way of seeing an accurate representation of the true look and spacing of my website while in the visual builder. Did I mention you’re not charging enough? Yes! And now, i’m waiting Dynamic field and theme builder features… . I like many other developers and designers only use the classic builder and not the visual builder. When will the backend builder be fixed? Posted on October 4, 2018 by Nick Roach in Theme Releases | 260 comments. waiting the dynamic content and the theme builder. If you want add an icon over an image, there’s dozens of Divi icons and options. I fully expect at least one of the major page builders to do this (probably Beaver Builder), and I hope Divi will too at some point. Fade in text: Hello World. This is AWESOME! Congratulations to ET, for achieving functions that the community has demanded. So much love on this update! Please help! When you did the steps above your image grid will work. It’s awesome.. Thank you for hover accessibility! Something is up with my custom buttons all of a sudden? The hover function for buttons only works for me while the Divi builder is active. At line 19, 20 and 21 you can insert the same URL’s that you did previous. Find Out More. Lets have a try . The error would be logged in your error log. I have this same version and I don’t find “hover” options. Thanks and once again great work ET. This makes me so happy. – Global Defaults As I said before, you guys are awesome!!!!!! FINALLY!!! I don’t see hover options on anything (Filters, etc. Beautiful! Soooo excited for this! – WooCommerce Modules Will keep these in mind, Agreed. Please. I just bought a plugin for this but it would be great if I could just use Divi! Column 2 Background: Hi , I am using your theme for my junk removal from charlotte NC service very nice theme, Perfectly working Keep it up , Probably one, if not the best update so far! This is the feature I missed the most in Divi. Using hover options, you can create all kinds of stunning hover effects and transform Divi modules into fun and interactive elements. Thanks guys, It’s amazing how easy new possibilities you open to us every time !! If new features are ONLY added to the FEB and indeed removed from the BEB then users with 3rd party modules are kinda screwed. Great work. I previously thought it would be dependent on the New Divi Builder Experience update, but given that Hover Options was added before that, I guess that update is not really blocking anything, even if it means being unable to access some settings from the backend builder for the time being. Something that I would like to know and that worries me a lot, is the issue of how much is affecting the speed of the web pages these new functions, do not get me wrong, I love the new functions, but I love more than the sites of my clients are fast, for SEO issues and also sell the idea to my clients that they will get fast sites working with us, this is just a comment in the form of a question since I read some comments reporting this, and the truth is that I am too inexperienced to be able to affirm or determine that this is really happening, please I would appreciate an answer regarding this, thanks for all ET team. Knowing how to change an image on hover can come in handy for any kind of website you’re working on. I own 2 domains..and using the Divi theme (latest upgrade). It’s up to us to determine which one best fits our market. I can’t put a sidebar on a special column. Now just give us Woocommerce Modules and you have a Customer for Life! You can only set the transition duration, delay, and speed curve. This is the update I’ve been looking forward to the most. Preview 110+ Premade Websites & 880+ Premade Layouts. Better Responsive Previews This is great but, I’ve updated my theme yet still don’t see or get any hover options anywhere. – WooCommerce Modules – Divi is getting heavier and heavier. There is no mouse pointer to “hover” on mobile. Is there any way to get text to show ONLY when hovering over an image? I don’t know if it’s just me but using 3rd party plugins generally stops the FEB working. You can prepare a tutorial on this or some small guide. It will bring divi designs to a new next level. Apparently we were running PHP 5.6 which has since scaled to 7.2. S’funny. Hope you will lookinto this and work on old divi where speed was best .Old divi had enough features and speed was preety good infact was best while I compared with more than 20 templates. Tip: Use the :link selector to style links to unvisited pages, the :visited selector to style links to visited pages, and the :active selector to style the active link. Hi Nick For better loading speed compress the images, you can follow my tutorial best divi image sizes on how to do that. Wow, looks awesome! Excellent work and thank you. That’s pretty neat! If you do want to use this on a row…. As much time I spend on my smartphone, I still end up looking it over on my laptop. Simply click the hover icon above the design option that you would like to customize to enable the Hover Options interface. I figured out hover styles on custom buttons were defaulting back to global styles set in the customizer. If you could send the error to our support team we would love to help you out. Preview Your Designs On Different Devices And Customize Your View Modes Hello Nick, The actual switching of the images is extremely easy with Divi’s background hover options. Hi, in my divi i not see the transiction setting, why. Breakthrough but only aesthetic, we need a customizable header module and a menu with more options so that all our webs do not seem the same. Then view in wireframe mode and then you can see module names. Great work!! Love the new hover addition, thanks! Agreed! This design will help keep the design static upfront and then engage users whenever they interact with the content. hover the mouse over the spacing area of that design element and you should see a black arrow appear, click that to see the default/hover option. – If server don’t answer, you can lost page. ? As a designer, it kills me to see the phone taking over in usage. I’m having the same problem eve though I’ve updated Divi. Knowing how to modify a rollover image can be useful for any type of website you are working on. Awesome and fun edition which really does open a whole new world of coll possibilities for great interaction designs. What about columns? Almost Inevitable Design. If there are old versions in previous posts/pages and you open older page, the global goes back very often. I don’t think that will give a significant better UX for visitors. Please restore it! Thanks!! Demo #2. So, using portfolios and projects – just to show the title on mobile requires a jag of CSS. When is this available? I would love to know how you created that first example with the four images – it has one line of text and then when you hover over it it has more text. Its very frustrating and I love divi and all new stuff but this should be fixed. Take a look at “Recent Project” in the layout. This would be an “AWESOME” feature for 1998 (when “mouseOver” effects took hold on desktop), but today’s mobile devices don’t usefully support it. Vive DIVI!!! Something is up with all my buttons too. A Divi section pops up over the site. Kidding. Thank you for the Hover option. Fortunately it does not work in my Divi (yes it’s updated). Hover shows up nowhere, not on anything. Awesome! – Theme Builder Image Overlay Fade. Hover Over Image. Thank you!!! Those who have time to invest are looking for detail. It’s a different viewing experience. Thank you guys! Look at the iPhones lol. 3. It’s finally here! YEEEEEEEEES! You guys make it too easy for us and it’s only getting better. – Transform Options Global Defaults is the second most likely, and I think the New Divi Builder Experience would be the third. The comment delimiters are way better for graceful failed parsing, and the block API would allow the Divi blocks to be used on any page regardless of whether you are using the Divi Builder interface or not. Visual builder have speed issue and I moved to DIVI Experimenting with custom hover effects is fun and rewarding, and it really goes a long way to spice up your website and intrigue your visitors. which heading element (h1-h6) is used in a specific Blurb module. Among other things, website load speed for SEO is a consideration too, kind of glad it does not work, as it means less code bloat. Omg.. the number of plugins i have bought just for this.. thank you ET! So exciting! Today we are incredibly excited to announce the release of Hover Options for Divi. The Divi Person module is a solid elements used in virtually every Divi site I’ve seen. Thank you guys. Nice feature, we will experiment on that and hopefully will allow us to avoid many customization written directly into CSS and use Divi built-in editor instead. And I have the latest versions of Divi, so not sure what is happening here. This article will show you how to use an image to trigger a Divi Overlay. For mobile – this is unfortunately useless . There is no visual builder. When you hover over the module on the front end, it will smoothly transition from its standard design to your customized hover design. [Recommended] DOWNLOAD . Tired of the same boring image modules in Divi? The World's #1 WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder. I have same problem. This is not bad ! Tip: The :hover selector can be used on all elements, not only on links. Please can you let us know how to access this feature? I think what they are saying is that there isn’t a “HOVER” option in the Button settings. How to Optimize Divi Images Accurately. – New Divi Builder Experience The following CSS program shows how to impliment Opacity on an Image while mouse hover. Place here an image (this one is visible on non-hover), Note: for the best effect make all the images the same size. You’re not charging enough. SOME folks, usually the younger, are mostly interested in time. UPDATE: 29th July 2017: Recipe #23 – How to create a scrolling image carousel is so far the most popular recipe on Divi Soup.It has the most page views and most comments with around 300 at the time of updating this post. 1 Firefox done so many updates and added million feature failed speed is important But seriously, this is great. If you open a support ticket we will be happy to look into it for you. Hey Divi, And it’s so much better than what I expected, you guys ROCK! The popup includes a button to close it. This. Can’t you do this with content: ‘