DR-400 is a French training aircraft, replacing the aircraft the PD-300 visit Avia clubs. Lima Mike | Marmande - Virazeil Private | Robin DR.400 series. Interior space is the same for all 401 models, as they share the same airframe; the MTOW is determined by engine performance. Although Continental Motors took over Thielert's assets following its bankruptcy filing, Continental has substantially developed the design. Adams Aviation Supply Co Ltd - moving & Brexit plans. Powered by a new diesel Centurion engine. Climbing over Burgundy, Gérald performs a full power stall. First and foremost, the marriage between a high-torque diesel engine, a constant speed propeller and modern, automatic engine management yields impressive performance for a given power. We are delighted to have this DR 400 in stock at Dunkeswell. The CD-155 can also operate at maximum power continuously at any altitude thanks to its constant-speed propeller and liquid cooling. We are a community of modelers from around the world sharing plans with each other, plans are stored on a user account, he will be With the flaps up and 130kph indicated (approximately 74kt) our rate of climb is just under 800fpm. 6.Its shadow. Pilot’s Book with Confidence COVID guarantee for advertisers. It has a tricycle undercarriage, and can carry four people. Transfer of fuel from the long range tank to the main tank is still by gravity feed but, unlike the petrol engine, the rate of transfer exceeds the rate of consumption at 75% power−a comforting safety feature. The wind is almost zero and our takeoff weight around 810kg. In its burgundian kingdom the company has given life to many legendary planes among others : the HR100-250, the DR221, the R3000… In service since 1972 (DR-400/125 since 1995). In addition, I was not used to the minimal effort needed to operate the power control. Rolling with 15° of flap, acceleration is good and the aircraft wants to fly between 55 and 60 knots. N'oubliez pas de vérifier le manuel de vol de votre ROBIN ! Fitted with a recent iCOM 833 radio and ATC mode a transponder. Hold down the 'FADEC test' button and the system cycles through the test sequence: both LEDs light, then one, then the other, then both extinguish and the test is successful. Robin DR.400-180 Regent Private, LFOI Abbeville, France PP1320770368.jpg 1,200 × 800; 449 KB Robin DR.400-180R Remorqueur Fliegerschule Birrfeld, LSZF Birrfeld, Switzerland PP1226138948.jpg 1,200 × 800; 489 KB The models tested for this comparison are the DR401-160A (F-GLDK) with a 160hp Lycoming O-320 petrol engine and the DR401-155CDI (F-HDSL) equipped with a 155hp Continental Diesel. 13.185 hours since new, one previous owner, no damage history. While Textron/Cessna has announced the discontinuation of Skyhawk JT-A production, Robin Aircraft believes in the success of its diesel range. For the diesel versions, the cost of Jet A1, the frugality of the engines, and their ability to run on biodiesel are additional economic and ecological benefits. L'avion des pilotes de loisir français, un avion léger et pratique, pour l'aviation de loisir en France. The Robin Aircraft planes are designed, produced and assembled in Dijon-Darois, right in the middle of Burgundy. I flew both aircraft with Gérald Ducoin, test and demonstration pilot for Robin Aircraft. This time our takeoff mass is around 915kg, 185kg less than maximum. Note, however, that the transfer rate is lower than the cruise consumption of the engine, so the pilot needs to think ahead! Although this test compared the Continental 155hp and the Lycoming 160hp because of the similarity of their nominal powers, in fact the DR401-155CDI is closer to the 180LR in terms of performance, particularly taking into account the CDI's ability to operate continuously at 100% power. If you like his work with the plans you can reward him in one of the available methods: Because AeroFred.com is not just a site to grab some plans. So the DR401-155CDI is truly a versatile aircraft, built for touring, but also very suitable for ab initio training or glider towing. It has a tricycle undercarriage, and can carry four people. Performance Specifications Ideal for training Young pilots on new Diesel engines (simpler) and if you wish to reduce your hourly fuel bill. In contrast, the Lycoming versions have fixed pitch propellers and three levers−for throttle, mixture and carburettor heat. So, why not register? There is no option−and no need−for wing tanks on the diesel version: with a main tank of 109 litres and that additional 'long-range' tank of fifty litres, the 155CDI has an endurance of 6.75 hours without reserve. This configuration is a good compromise for mixed training/touring use. 3 Views of Airplanes for Model Airplane Design. 5.Correct collision. able to control all the plan details, the plan comments, help others with building tips, provide hobby related services and even accept donations from other members. Description. The Robin DR400 first flew in 1972 and is still in production. In addition to their other qualities, Robin aircraft have undeniable advantages over their direct competition: lower price, greater payload, greater range, shorter takeoff and landing distance, and equally at home on grass or tarmac. At 75% (2,000rpm), we reach 115kt IAS, or 124kt TAS at a consumption of 24 lph. Cruising at 3,500ft AMSL at 75% power, we see an IAS of 200kph (about 110kt) for a consumption of around 38 lph (8.5gph). Engine parameters (prop rpm, Ts & Ps, and engine load) are independently displayed on a digital 'Compact Engine Display'. We think it would be hard to find better. The Robin DR 400 is 38.5 KB. The FADEC makes start-up easy: fuel pump on, battery master on, engine master on, then turn the ignition key and it starts. But the greater energy density of Jet A-1 more than offsets the additional mass of aircraft and fuel. Why no fuel injection? Originally, and just like Diamond's Austro engine, the design of the Continental Diesel CD155 was based on an automotive engine (that of the Mercedes A-Class). The Robin DR400 is an aircraft that will be familiar to many pilots as it is one of the most used trainers. There are no wing tanks, so the fuel valve aft of the throttle has only two positions: open or closed. More blades means better ground clearance and lower noise. Already less expensive to operate than a Lycoming, the improved TBR makes the diesel even more attractive, particularly to clubs and schools. The Robin DR.400 is a single-engine four-seat light touring and trainer aircraft produced by the French manufacturer Avions Pierre Robin. Larger files take longer to load. Robin aeroplanes have been manufactured there since 1957, first by CEA (Centre Est Aéronautique), which became Pierre Robin Aircraft in 1970 (hence CEAPR), which was then bought by Apex Aircraft in 1990. Alpha has been re-financed and restarted limited production in 2011, completing the airframes already under way. The DR401 features a new glass cockpit, larger cockpit, electric trim and flaps. It has a tricycle undercarriage, 4+1 seating configuration, is powered by a more powerful 200CV fuel-injected Lycoming engine and is larger and better-equipped than the standard DR.400 [2] . For the first takeoff, Gérald takes the controls. Tune in to the FAI Awards Ceremony online! The instrumentation is classic analogue, with the addition of a pair of Garmin G5s acting as primary flight display and HSI. A separate quad display shows fuel volume and temperature, OAT, and battery voltage. Robin DR-400. Features- 1.Glass. My first flight in a DR400 diesel was ten years ago, in an Ecoflyer powered by a Thielert 1.7 litre engine. 3.Wheels. Start-up is standard carburetted Lycoming: mixture fully rich, three pumps of the throttle to prime, and operate the starter with further pumping the throttle, as required. 13.185 hours since new, one previous owner, no damage history. Search aircraft for sale for free! The last point may be debated on the basis of particulates, although ejected at altitude and well away from people. Toe brakes on, full power until the digital display indicates 100% power and 2,300rpm, then off with the toe brakes and the acceleration is impressive, the rotation speed of 55kt being reached in a few seconds. Now, with more experience, these features did not bother me at all, and at the controls of 'SL I could enjoy the manoeuvrability, and focus on the pleasure of piloting the wood and fabric aircraft of the Délémontez-Robin line. (There are errors in the wings). PUBLISHED: 17:19 11 June 2019 | UPDATED: 17:28 11 June 2019. 5 Dat e May .1979 5 6 8 10 11 13 Engine Starting T axy ing Checks before take—off Take-off C 1 imb Cruise Descent Landing After landing che cks Ground manoeuvres Tethering — precautions prolonged parking Bright red, brand new (diesel!) In addition, turbocharging helps maintain performance at altitude. The 155CDI and the less expensive, but less versatile, 135CDI both offer many persuasive qualities for both flying clubs and individuals. Robin's problems stemmed primarily from the failure of the Thielert company whose diesel engines were being used extensively in new Robin aircraft. -installation- Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\ Replaces:Cuban800 Product information "Robin DR400 (FSX/P3D)" This four-seat, piston-engine aircraft is equipped with fixed tricycle landing gear, a 180 HP four-cylinder engine and a large forward-sliding canopy. Technically, however, the CD135 and 155 are very different to Thielert's 2.0 and 2.0S. We then level off to look at different cruising regimes. It is also fifty kilos better than the 160LR (the 'long range' avgas version with wing tanks and a 'cruising' wing profile). Does any one know a robin diesel with an analoue cockpit? Robin DR.400 The Robin DR500 Président is a wooden low wing monoplane, manufactured by Robin Aircraft and marketed as a top-of-the-range DR400 [1] . The Dijon—Darois airfield is bordered at its southern end by a main road. 1.6K likes. Overhauled by DAéS in 2005 at TTSN 5.019 hours with notably new cover, new paint, new plexiglass… Excellent Kardex with 604 hours since 2.000 hours / 6 years inspection, arround 800 hours remaining on the […] Back to the apron to change mounts. Far from being outmoded, it represents proven know-how, just like the all-metal construction used by some light aircraft models for more than sixty years. YEAR: 1977 MAKE: Avions Pierre Robin MODEL: DR400 Dauphin REG NUMBER: G-GAOM AIRCRAFT TYPE: Single AIRFRAME HOURS: 10325 … Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at GlobalPlaneSearch.com. This all fits perfectly on the panel, compacting all the essential information directly into the pilot's line of sight whilst giving easy access to supplementary data for loading approaches and handling comms. https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=103150. Beyond the road are the workshops of Robin Aircraft. Just setup these options on your Account Settings. Beyond the passion of all those craftsmen who are the soul of Robin Aircraft, what struck me when I visited the workshops is that all manufacturing is done on site. To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Apex was one of the first manufacturers to adopt diesel technology by installing the Thielert CD135 in the DR400 airframe (the 'Ecoflyer'). With these parameters, the maximum slope allows us to clear the hill beyond the end of the runway comfortably before making the first turn. hlsat is an Editor at AeroFred's. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Also, thanks to diesel torque and the CS prop, the MTOW of the DR401-155CDI is, at 1,100kg, 100kg greater than the 160A's. 'SL sports a fully glass cockpit: G500 PFD and MFD to the left, back-up Mid Continent SAM centrally, and GTN750 NAV/COM (with remote control of audio panel and transponder) on the right. Link to this page: Apex saw the future of the single engine piston aircraft as being diesel, using universally available jet, military, automotive and biofuels in any mixture, and based its production almost exclusively on this engine. My impression is that, with the DR401, Robin Aircraft has adapted to the requirements of today's general aviation whilst retaining its strengths. I find 'DK a bit heavy on the feet for a Robin DR, maybe because I have not handled one for a long time. Robin DR 400 Single Pistons for Sale The four-seat Robin DR400, with the classic cranked Jodel wing, has been built in large numbers by Robin at Dijon with a variety of engines from 118 hp to 200 hp and the Centurion 2.0 in the Ecoflyer. I am surprised that Robin Aircraft mentions the lack of Jet A1 at some GA aerodromes as a possible drawback of this engine. Otherwise, the structure of 'SL looks identical to that of 'DK. Pierre Robin’s first aircraft was a two-seat Jodel D.11, and from this he progressed to producing several Jodel-designed low wing monoplanes, including the subject of this month’s flight test, the DR400. There is, nevertheless, no tendency to 'nose down' in slow flight and the flare is still easy to negotiate. FEATURES: Accurate flight model tweaked by X-Aerodynamics. This DR 400 is probably one of the cleanest examples we have seen in a long while. There are lots of interesting site features and 23591 R/C plans available for download. Propeller pitch and fuel injection are automated via single-lever control by the pilot. In addition, this wood-based manufacturing is part of a sustainable process. So whilst at sea level the 155CDI has only a small advantage over the 160A (at the same mass), the difference widens with altitude as the air thins. Aeroklub Polski ŻAR | Robin DR.400 series. The air intakes have been repositioned and the cowling houses a compact and very effective silencer. This classic aircraft first flew in 1972 and is still in production today as the 401. Well, there is a demand for mogas in Europe and the fuel-injected Lycoming engines need avgas. Instruction Manual. The Robin DR.400 is a development of the Robin DR.300 with a forward-sliding canopy instead of the cabin doors. In today's globalised world, where making stuff too often translates into 'offshoring', I think this is to be welcomed. This difference is of real importance since, with full tanks, the 155CDI can carry four people while the 160A will be limited to three. https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=103150. The IAS then settles at around 135kt, but the fuel flow increases accordingly. The DR400-180 with VP prop is quite the short field machine and this aircraft has the upside of a 4 blade MT prop further enhancing performance. As soon as the cowling passes the horizon with the stick slightly forward, however, the aeroplane recovers and maintains altitude. Currently, Robin Aircraft are producing two aircraft a month with the next eighteen already sold. The opinion of Robin Aircraft. ROBIN DR 400/180 Remo 180 - Tipo de aeronave: Avión remolcador, monomotor de pistón, hélice de paso fijo, ala baja cantiléver y tren de aterrizaje triciclo fijo. It flew for the first time in 1972 and at least 1300 were build. DR 400/ 180 R SECTION - NORMAL OPERATION Pre—flight Procedures Pre—flight checks Checks before engine start ing 10 - 12 - 5.1 TSSVË NO.' Robin DR 400 Magazine Modelar December 1995. This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission. Conceived in the early 70’s by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez. 4.Twitch arrows on the panel. Adapting the basic design included a turbocharger, a constant speed propeller, and FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). The opinion of Robin Aircraft 155CDI is the best option you have if you wish to use your plane for all types of missions : mountain, traveling, training and towing. There is an additional fifty litre tank that drains into the main 109 litre tank by simply pulling a plunger. Thus, it can be used for training at a cost barely higher than that of the 120hp DR401 Lite or 120A petrol engine Lycoming versions thanks to fuel savings. Engine, Portable Generator user manuals, operating guides & specifications G-CEKE has just had an airframe overhaul including new Oratex fabric, New 4 Blade MT prop and Trig 833 Com. The CDI's propeller is a three-blade 190cm MT 'Scimitar' unit. JODEL ROBIN DR400 | BH129. Views: 16822. Last powerful version DR-400/120 Dauphin. Landing from an approach at 65kt, the DR401-155CDI needs only 415m to clear fifty feet with 175m of ground roll (sea level, ISA, hard runway): it's as capable as a Cessna 172, with its recognised STOL capabilities. 2.Detailed cockpit. Reassuringly, during the test cycle you can hear the variation in rpm and see the propeller speed vary between 800 and 1,200rpm. Unbeatable, equipped with a turbo offering unparalleled performances at high altitude (93% of its 155hp at 10.000ft vs. only 65% for a … With 65kt on the ASI, the rate of climb is over 1,000fpm. The Robin DR400 is a wooden sport monoplane, conceived by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez. The new Robin DR401 CDI 155 is a wooden sport monoplane, conceived by Robin Aircrafts. From the first DR100 to the current DR401 model, these aircraft are all distinguished by their characteristic 'cranked wing' outer panel dihedral and their wonderful all-wood construction. ROBIN DR-400 Cadet. To reach the runway we have to cross the main road to Dijon−unusual, but pragmatic! The essential benefits of the CDI versions come from the formidable assets of their power plant, which became clear during my flight. The Lycoming O-320 has powered Robin aircraft since the DR250 of 1965. Petite check-list d'un DR 401 pour une mise en route rapide. notes on the robin regent dr 400/180 ROBIN REGENTs DR400 180R G -BJUD and G-BSFF. The 135CDI, thanks to its variable pitch propeller, will offer an ideal use for school : travel and maneuverability training exercices are no longer incompatible. If you have plans that are not here please upload them, so others can build from them. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at GlobalPlaneSearch.com. You too can collect donations from the plans you share on the site. The wooden construction remains the trademark of the aircraft with its disadvantages and (especially) its advantages. 4 Robin DR 400-180 Single Engine Piston Airplanes for Sale Worldwide. 17 Robin Single Engine Piston Airplanes for Sale Worldwide. The runway is at nearly 1,600 feet AMSL, and the temperature is 25°C, so the density altitude is about 3,000 feet. - Fabricante: Avions Pierre Robin (Francia) - Características: o Nº de plazas: 4 o Motor: Lycoming 0-360-A3A de 180 HP, de cuatro cilindros horizontales opuestos, The tests for the twin FADECs are just as simple. The performance from the 135hp engine seemed tepid and the central position of the throttle on a Robin baffled me, although this configuration is standard on most aircraft (as it is now on the DR401). This equates to nearly 797fpm at sea level under ISA conditions at the 1,000kg MTOW. Search aircraft for sale for free! Stewart Harris | Lausanne - La Blécherette Groupement de Vol à Moteur - Lausanne | Robin DR.400 series. Following on from our PA-28 series, C152 and Duchess Model 76 aircraft, this highly detailed simulation of the Robin DR400-180 Regent has been developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life DR400, G-BEUP, based at … New screens fitted in the last few years with excellent fabric and paint. In short, diesel or petrol, piloting a DR401 remains a pure pleasure. Home 3 Views of Airplanes for Model Airplane Design Robin DR 400. Thus, the diesel engine could create a new market for Robin aircraft in places where Avgas is not distributed. Even in this (very) unusual flight attitude, there is no tendency to drop a wing, confirming the stability associated with the Jodel-Robin design. Internally, the fuel system had to be completely revised to feed the low-pressure pump of the Continental Diesel and to return a measure of fuel, heated by the engine, to keep the main tank warm. The current model is designated 'DR401'. New Robin Aircraft offers the CD-135 and CD-155 Jet-A engines in the well known french aircraft Robin DR400. However, rest assured this article is not about the history of the DR400. Robin DR400 / 180. The DR.400 is widely used as a glider tug aircraft. Latest Plans; Latest Comments; Latest Articles Externally, the diesel DR401 is distinguished from its 100LL-fuelled brothers by a redesigned engine cowl and a three-bladed propeller. Rather, it is about the comparative characteristics of petrol and diesel engines within the new '401' range. And the 155CDI can also compete with all the other engines in the DR401 range. In urgent need, you can always fill jerry cans at the nearest petrol station to the aerodrome. I have the glass cockpit but I need the analogue cockpit with … Light utility aircraft. The aircraft features a distinctive cranked wing design and sliding canopy, giving it a unique appearance among GA aircraft and excellent cruise performance. On the other hand, petrol engines produce more CO2, and avgas pollutes with lead. But the bankruptcy of Thielert (caused by fraud, not by any engineering failiure) multiplied costs by 300%, pushing Apex into insolvency in 2008. At the R02 hold, we run through the usual checklist, testing the magnetos and carburettor heat. The best rate of climb is at 78kt when we see 900fpm on the G500 (the flight manual gives 740fpm at sea level under ISA conditions at the MTOW of 1,100kg). E. ellenstuif1 last edited by . After four years of parts-only production at the Darois factory by CEAPR, Robin Aircraft was formed in 2012 to take up the mantle once again. With more than 35 degrees indicated on the PFD, the angle of attack gradually increases until the aircraft literally hangs on the propeller until−with stick fully back−the aircraft finally starts to drop earthwards at fifty knots indicated−well below stall speed. This topic has been deleted. Nothing is outsourced except engine and avionics. This 160hp Lycoming version has its propeller pitch and wing profile midway between optimal climb and optimal cruise. In any sense of the word it is a successful aircraft. Aviation Photo #1012126 Robin DR-400-140B - Untitled [ Medium Large] Tweet. More importantly, in countries where recreational aviation is not so developed, the problem of 100LL supply is not so easily solved. View & download of more than 318 Robin PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. We started with 'Delta Kilo'. Acknowledgements: Robin Aircraft and Mistral Aviation. 1300 1302 1304 1303 1301 1305 watch video. Continental Diesel ist die führende Marke für zertifizierte Kerosin-Kolbenflugmotoren in der Allgemeine Luftfahrt. Link to this page: However, when taxying, the pull of the CS prop, even with the power lever at idle (6 to 7% displayed on the power meter) is significant, and it may be necessary to use the brakes to regulate speed. These aircraft were built by Avions Pierre Robin in France who make a number of types of light aircraft, principally those descended from the earlier Jodel series. Forum; Latest. AeroFred.com is a Plans Sharing Community, not just a website to grab some plans. DR-400/210 two seater, DR-400/140 more powerful, Despite its hydraulic pitch-change mechanism, it is no heavier than the 14kg two-bladed metal Sensenich that equips the 160A.