Initial production was of the DR-100 and the DR-1050/1051, while the DR-220, DR-221 and DR-250 featured the Jodel… Instruction Manual. It is a trigear scaled down Robin DR 400 look-alike. extracts from JODEL ROBIN DR400 | BH129. Homebuilt D18 The original Avions Jodel … The company's initial production was of developments of the basic Jodel series of tail draggers, and it was these aircraft that evolved into the DR-400 series. Avions Pierre Robin was framed by Pierre Robin and the guideline fashioner of Jodel … SAN plans on producing it in kit form for amateur builders. 1962 Jodel DR-1050 Ambassadeur: 356: 1: United Kingdom: G-EMKM: 1965 Jodel D-120 Paris-Nice: 326: 1: 2: United Kingdom G-GMIB: 1998 Jodel DR-400-500 President: 0002: 1: 4: United Kingdom G-IMBO: 1966 Jodel DR-250-160 Capitaine: 73: 1: 4: United Kingdom: G-JDEL: 1995 Jodel D-150 Mascaret: PFA 151-11276: 1: 2: United Kingdom: G-JDLI: 1995 Jodel … Description. It is immediately identifiable thanks to the … Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are … ROBIN DR-400 Cadet. The Jodel history. Home; BLACK HORSE AIRCRAFT; BLACK HORSE AIRCRAFT KITS; Jodel Robin DR400, 20-33cc Gas, 2200mm Page 1 JODEL ROBIN DR 400/180 For internal combustion motors up to 58 cm³ Requires a HoTT radio control system with 5 functions GRAUPNER GmbH & Co. KG D-73230 KIRCHHEIM/TECK … Last powerful version DR-400/120 Dauphin. DR-400/210 two seater, DR-400… In service since 1972 (DR-400/125 since 1995). Page 4 Heat-shrink tubing, Order No. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Light aircraft series based on the original Jodel series of wooden constructed aircraft. The Robin DR400-140B is a light, general aviation aircraft of French design that’s used around the world due to its easy handling characteristics. 1300 1302 1304 1303 1301 1305 watch video. • Safe and easy to fly • Enjoyable to fly and to fly in • Comfortable • Excellent performance • Rugged and durable • Uncomplicated and reliable • Versatile and multi-talented • Attractive and appealing New … Light utility aircraft. 3391.8 Assembling the JODEL ROBIN DR 400/180 Wings with undercarriage and tailplane GRAUPNER GmbH & Co. KG D-73230 KIRCHHEIM/TECK GERMANY … Views: 16822. The Robin DR-400 arrangement of light air ship owes its birthplaces to the Jodel arrangement of wooden development light flying machine.