He and other Jack clashed their swords once more before he grabbed the person and they share a kiss. Following this, Jack returned to New Orleans, where he was confronted for a final time by Madame Minuit, Silverback and Louis, who merged to form a giant, three-headed serpent that Jack barely managed to defeat. Though he was hardly the most infamous pirate on the Spanish Main, he did make a good name for himself in and around Port Royal, even going as far to find a local treasure of legend, belonging to none other than the local tavern keeper's late grandfather (the innkeeper urged Jack to find it and keep it for himself).[24]. At one point, Jack had a relationship with a mermaid named Marina, though it most likely ended on a sour note but when they met again, rather than drown him, she instead slapped him, implying a soft spot. The crew needed to find Ponce de León's ship, the Santiago, in order to find the two Chalices of Cartagena, another important item needed for the ritual. Avenged and the curse now lifted from him, Jack set about searching through the treasure cave for items of particular value. Due to his escape, the debt had technically been reset. The Silent Mary continued following them as Carina prepared to dive into the water something Jack admired for being similar to him in that regard. Jack stalled the proceedings and was able to convince "Commodore" Barbossa and the cursed crew to defeat Norrington before lifting their curse. There, they raised a toast to the late Captain Jack Sparrow, but Tia had not yet given up hope. By virtue of its setting and time period, and as a form of contrast to its lawless leads, the franchise features many characters with some level of connection to the British aristocracy. Jack overseeing the mermaid attack at Whitecap Bay. Jack finds out that the his ship is gone. Jack and Will fight against the Portuguese soldiers in Panama. Jack turned and saw that he had been saved by his father, Captain Teague.[8]. Jack Sparrow and Will Turner try to steal an object from a Portuguese fortress in Panama. They get on the chariot and it prompt takes them out to sea where the jump off it before it submerges and end up on a small rock in the middle of the ocean. It was known that he learned swordplay from an Italian fencing master in exchange for captured Chinese silk. Jack and Angelica briefly argued over which way to go until Blackbeard took Jack's compass and ordered him to jump over the high cliff. As soon as Blackbeard took off the blindfold, he let Jack lead the way. [9], As the ship made its journey, Jack got drunk again as Henry lashed out at him even threatening him with a sword but an unfazed Jack pulled out his pistol telling Henry if he threatened him again to prepare to die. After escaping the prison, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner planned to commandeer the Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Dauntless, in order to commandeer Norrington's faster ship, the Interceptor. He became friends with the infamous pirate Jolly Roger, who often performed unsavory deeds for the Brethren Court, in the hope of achieving a position among them. Jack was not willing to marry her even when Kelly threatened his life but when Carina and Henry pointed out that union wasn't legal he was relieved. Jack Sparrow, oh, wait, there should be a captain in there somewhere. Jack then asked the Quartermaster about the possibility of surviving the jump. The two ran over to the barbecue pit and circled each other. Prior to the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Jack dropped his old waistcoat off, possibly because he couldn't take the stench of it, and acquired a new silk dark blue waistcoat with a gold/champagne filigree pattern. Barbossa believed it would be the last they would see of Jack Sparrow. Jack was then introduced to the leader of the expedition; his old rival, Hector Barbossa. Jack conceded her trickery with a smile, calling her a "pirate". [24], Jack took an entirely new crew, and he spent much of his time plundering merchantmen out of Jamaica. [9], The battle ended when Salazar left Henry's body and obtained the Trident of Poseidon which he used to torture Sparrow by through the water, where Lieutenant Lesaro and the rest of the crew attempted to grab him and drown him. During the meeting, Jack unsuccessfully tried to figure out what Blackbeard's habits from the crewmen, as Blackbeard was never seen outside his cabin. Jack Sparrow was born to Edward Teague and an unknown woman on a pirate ship caught in the middle of a typhoon. Sailing a fine line between piratical genius and mercurial madness, Jack had an enemy in every port. Landing with a splash, Jack sputtered to the surface and gazed at the horizon. After his piece of eight was destroyed in the ritual to release Calypso, Jack replaced it with a new trinket which appeared to be made from two things Jack has fought and lived through, the Kraken (an engraved tooth) and the East India Trading Company (the pirate "P" brand). But the balance of the Santiago was so unstable that when they moved, the ship dangerously leaned. As the undead captain prepared to kill him, Jack spotted the Black rock island where the Trident was and with Salazar momentarily distracted, Jack used it as a way to escape back to his ship. Every captain needed a reliable first mate, and Joshamee Gibbs was Jack Sparrow's first choice. Jack, however, was able to decipher one additional phrase, "Up is Down". Robert Greene, a young pirate onboard La Vipère, jumped into the sea and joined Jack in the boat. Invoking the right of parley, Jack was brought before Barbossa, and made a deal with him to procure the person whose blood would lift their curse, for Elizabeth's blood had had no effect. His body was then consumed by the surrounding waves, ending El Matador del Mar's reign of the Seven Seas once and for all. With his dying breath, Amo Dorsi cursed Jolly Roger to walk the earth as the undead, transforming him into a skeletal beast. It was around that time that the notorious Spanish Royal Navy capitán Armando Salazar decided to exterminate piracy in the Caribbean, to avenge the deaths of his father and grandfather. Jack and Gibbs had a brief reunion with Jack realizing that Gibbs stole Jack's map. After taking out some of the guards, Jack got the chance to fly up onto the top of the sill and grabbed the chandelier and swung across the room towards the balcony. Later, Jack had Scrum play a romantic tone on the mandola as Angelica arrived on deck. In another turning point, Jack, who originally planned on simply running and becoming the last pirate as the EITC killed them all, finally realized that Beckett had to be stopped, and agreed to meet with the other members of the Brethren Court.[5]. The Tumble. With Barbossa brought back from the dead, Jack the Monkey joins his master on a quest to rescue Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. Even while escaping a Port Royal Prison, Jack would not leave without first gathering his effects, much to the consternation of Will Turner. [13], Jack then struck a bargain with Jones. Jack looked up as the large column was pulled over and crushed the two zombies, as well as the Fountain. A shot went off, but the Guard fell dead without pulling the trigger. The two engaged in a race to reach the chest whilst continuing their duel. There, they discover that they are on Isla Esquelética while Stone-Eyed Sam still reigned as king. The trick is living with yourself forever." Fitzwilliam then held his sword to Jack's back and reveals that he had been working with the Navy in an attempt to track down Jack's father, Captain Edward Teague, in order to arrest and hang him. Whether it's a silk headscarf from Singapore or a pistol belt from Port Royal, he hadn't paid for any of it. Jack, Will and the surviving crew returned to the Black Pearl and set sail, though Jack still refused to head into open water. Jack also revealed he was in debt with all Pirate Lords at the meeting at Shipwreck Cove; Sao Feng was particularly hateful towards him. However, Will Turner was also present, and staged a daring rescue of his comrade. [35], Jack wore long sea boots and long, hard-wearing linen trousers. Gibbs was an old friend of Jack's, having supposedly known him since his childhood. Jack's trickery caused a great deal of trouble for the Auctioneer and his clients, particularly Mungard. For months, Jack was tormented by a series of hallucinations that personified the various aspects of his personality as members of his crew, torturing both his love of the sea and his idea of being the only "Jack Sparrow". Jack even expressed grief for Barbossa's second death, despite their troubled history. Jack though, perhaps now determined to finish Beckett off, and salvage the cause of Piracy due to losing his shot at immortality, declined. While Henry runs after a stunned Carina, Jack nervously tells Salazar he has to leave while Salazar tells Jack he will wait for him to escape the island to exact his revenge as the terrified Jack tries to dissuade him before running off. [5], The crew continued to sail through endless seas of Davy Jones' Locker, knowing that if they were unable to escape by sunset, they would remain trapped in that dimension forever. He was quickly captured and thrown into the dungeon. As the Wench approached the entrance into the Triangle, Jack ordered the pirates to throw ropes around the nearby reefs off the port side of the ship. With the battle won, Jack bade farewell to Elizabeth, who had to be with Will before he leaves to do his duty to ferry souls. He suggested that the captains fight each other, while everyone else lays back, watches, drinks and place wagers. The King was accompanied by Prime Minister Henry Pelham and Lord John Carteret. William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, for one, disagreed with Barbossa's decision to maroon Jack. There, a fierce and ferocious duel ensued between the two captains as the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl engaged in battle around a maelstrom conjured by Calypso.[5]. The man introduced himself as Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann as Jack was shocked to learn his old allies had a child. Will inadvertently caused a distraction, through his capture by and subsequent escape from the cannibals, which gave Jack the time he needed to flee. Fortune sent Jack Sparrow east across the Atlantic, and it was then he heard tell of Joshamee Gibbs' dire encounter with the authorities of London. He won, and Jolly, thinking he'd been double-crossed, shot his partner in crime. Despite his dishonesty and many deceptions, Jack Sparrow did embark on a number of grand and thrilling adventures, some involving the supernatural, pirate lore, magic, and journeys in discovering hidden treasures. Jack had few worldly possessions, and even these were stolen on the island. Davy Jones' crew soon caught up, and Jack became too preoccupied with fighting them off to notice Norrington studying the jar with great interest. Jack, Barbossa, and the rest of the Pearl's crewmen carried on to the meeting at Pirate Hall.[5]. Seeing that Royal Guards were after him, Jack managed to stand up on top of the moving carriage and leaped over to the other one. Pirate LordsHenry Morgan – Bartholomew – Grandmama, Third Court Jack and Angelica dancing on the Queen Anne's Revenge. Jack told Angelica that he helped Blackbeard do what any father should do in that situation. [35] Even at young age, he was the biggest troublemaker on the Seven Seas.