Well, that’s our quick look at each Divi module. Nachdem wir bereits die verschiedenen Standardoptionen für die Divi Blogansicht betrachtet haben, geht es diesmal um die Möglichkeiten des Blog Moduls im Divi Builder. Some of them are easier to understand than others. The circle counter module displays a single number or % that is represented in the animated circle graph. The social follow module lets you create cusomisable icon links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (14 networks total) social media profiles. The toggle module allows you to toggle content open and closed – see accordion module for multiple linked toggles. Modules are the result of that goal. Divi comes pre-loaded by default with 46 modules so you are able to start building your site right out-of-the-box.37 of these modules are designed for use within the regular width sections and 9 are only for use within a full-width section. The maps modules allows you to embed custom Google Maps anywhere on your page. The fullwidth map module is the same as the map module but can be added to fullwidth sections. The full-width image module is the same as the image module but can be added to full-width sections. Each module has individual settings that can be adjusted with visual adjustments such as color selections, slider controls, or switches. Hier erhältst Du eine weitere Übersicht der Divi Grundeinstellungen in denen z.B. by Craig Longmuir | Jul 31, 2018 | Divi Resources | 5 comments. Divi modules are the content building blocks that you will use to create your website when using the Divi Theme or the Divi builder plugin. Note: We find and review products to help you make better decisions when buying the things you need. We can drag and drop that block anywhere within sections, rows, and columns to build our layouts. In this article we’ll take a look at each module. A Divi module is a content element that’s represented visually by a block. This uses the Divi tabs module, so you can style it however you want using Divi's built in design controls! Wenn Du Fragen zu … Control site wide button styles via the theme customizer and edit each instance as required. At first, the font name uses the standard Divi style (open sans) but as you hover on it … The full-width portfolio module is the same as the portfolio module but can be added to full-width sections. There are over 900 Divi Theme fonts and you can upload your own custom fonts if there is something specific you can’t find in the default fonts. The Testimonial module displays the author name, job title, company name, image, links, customizable quote icon, and testimonial using the regular WordPress content editor to display quotes from clients, readers, shoppers, and more for your sales and join pages. Tabs are nothing new, but tabs that display Seit 2013 arbeite ich mit dem Divi-Theme und habe mitlerweile über 200 Websites mit Divi erstellt. Dies ist die Fortsetzung unserer Übersicht über die Divi Theme Grundeinstellungen (1) aus unserem Divi Theme Tutorial.. And of course you can add images or whatever you want here too. Divi includes 46 modules to place within rows to build your layouts. The Number Counter lets you display statistics, such as the number of clients you have or the number of projects you’ve completed, with separate title and text styling and an optional percent sign. The video module lets you embed videos from upload or URL and customize the thumbnail image and play button. We can drag and drop that block anywhere within sections, rows, and columns to build our layouts. Divi Module Divi Layouts Woocomerce Kurs Onine-Akademie Seite auswählen Divi Modul Slider Hiermit fügst Du professionelle Slideshows in die Webseite ein Details anzeigen Divi Modul „Slider“ Mit dem Divi … If you need something that isn’t provided within Divi already, you can even add your own through code or plugins. Lorsqu’on construit une page à l’aide d’un page builder, on ajoute des sections dans lesquelles on ajoute des modules. The following 9 modules can only be inserted into a full width Divi section. The countdown timer module allows you to add a timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds that counts down to a time you specify. 37 of these modules are designed for use within the regular width sections and 9 are only for use within a full-width section. Before you can add a portfolio module to your page, you will first need to jump into the Divi Builder. The divider module allows you to have a horizontal line and or custom vertical spacing,on your page. The Person module combines text, an image, and social media links to create a personal profile or individual bio for About Me and Team Member pages. Each module has individual settings that can be adjusted with visual adjustments such as color selections, slider controls, or switches. If you use one of our affilite links below, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Affiliate Disclosure: Links on this page may contain affiliate code which means the owner of this website will be paid a commission on any sales that result from purchases made via these links. The Fullwidth Code module provides an easy way to add code, such as static HTML or shortcodes from a third-party plugin, to a page just like the standard code module, but this module works within the fullwidth sections. Impressum. thanks for the feedback 🙂. thanks! In diesem Video zeige ich Dir wie Du den Divi-Page Builder jetzt auch im visuellen Editor verwenden kannst und mit jedem Theme! Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, inc. die Navigation, das Layout, der Builder, Updates etc. Deutsche Interdisziplinäre Vereinigung für Intensiv- und About | Contact | Affiliate Disclosure | Privacy Policy & cookies, Copyright © 2014-2020. The Call To Action module combines a title, body text, and a button, and is great for drawing attention to your offer and enticing your visitors to click to get a quote, contact you, or purchase your products. The Login module lets you display a WordPress login form with a title, content area, redirects, and field styling to create a login form that matches the styling of your website, making it a great choice for membership websites. The navigation module adds previous and next buttons or text links to your posts for easy navigation.. Thanks, good to hear. The Filterable Portfolio module allows you to display your projects with the option to live-filter them by category. The testimonial module lets quickly add a styled quote, name of the author, and a (optional) link to their website. The following 37 modules can be inserted into any column within the standard and specialty Divi sections. Divi Theme ist ein Theme, welches sehr weit verbreitet ist. The Sidebar module lets you choose any widget area to display within your content and display it as left or right orientation and with or without a border separator, and customize it like any Divi module with custom text, backgrounds, borders, animation, and more. Das Divi Blog Modul bietet mehr Optionen als die Standard Blogansicht. Not on… It’s sometimes difficult to know which module to use. Les constructeurs de pages ont révolutionnés WordPress : grâce à eux, on pouvait obt… The image module lets you add images with optional light-box, animations, filters lazy-load and more . The Fullwidth Portfolio module lets you display your recent projects in either a carousel layout or within a grid, but within a fullwidth section instead of a standard section. The Fullwidth Slider lets you build slides using content and either images or video and display them within a fullwidth section. Diese lassen sich nicht nur blitzschnell einfügen, sondern auch entsprechend deiner Wünsche und deiner Ansprüche verändern. The Post Title Module displays the title of your latest post with the featured image and meta, just like the standard module, but this one works within the fullwidth section. Divi Booster bietet euch mehr als 100 kleine Anpassungen, die euch das Arbeiten mit DIVI erleichtern werden. Get 20% discount on Elegant Themes membership using my affiliate link. The sidebar module lets you display sidebar widget areas on any page and, unlike standard WordPress sidebars, customize them like any Divi module. Split-Tests - Bietet Zugriff auf die Aktivierung und Durchführung von "Split-Tests". A few of the fullwidth versions don’t have tutorials, so I’ve linked those to the regular versions. Feb 24, 2017 - Divi plugins developed for the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. Until I wrote this post, I must admit I hadn’t tried all 46 on the list, but now I have and hopefully will start to use a few more that I may not have thought about prior. The Filterable Portfolio module makes it easy to display your recent project in either a standard layout or within a grid, and it uses AJAX loading when projects are filtered by category to seamlessly display any category your visitors want to see. definiert werden. The shop module allows you to add woocommerce products anywhere on your site by category with options for display and sorting. The full-width header module adds header with title, sub header, content and 2 buttons that can optionally be made full-screen too. How to Replace the Primary Menu Bar with Divi’s Fullwidth Menu Module - Duration: 14:42. Once the Divi Theme has been installed on your website, you will notice a Use Divi Builder button above the post editor every time you are building a new page. This website is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Elegant Themes and, Increase conversions with A/B testing in Divi Leads. The blog module displays posts from your blog, either all or by category, and with either a single or multi-column format. This is a very good overview. Divi Library - Bietet Zugriff auf registrierte Vorlagen und Module. Modules (and rows and sections) can then be moved by drag & drop anywhere within your page or saved to use on another page or site. Learn more. Divi bringt WordPress mit seiner „Visual Builder-Technologie“ auf ein ganz neues Level Divi ist mehr als nur ein WordPress-Theme. That’s a lot of Divi modules! The Post Title module shows the title of the current post and includes the option to show the featured image above, below, or behind the title complete with meta and text customizations to create some interesting blog designs. The Portfolio module makes it easy to display any number of projects in either a full-width or grid layout, and lets you display any category with title, category, and pagination text. The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the comments placed on the website. The Text module provides a WordPress text editor complete with Divi customizations for the background, body and heading text, border, sizing, box shadow, filters, and animation. The call-to-action module is a combination of a title, body text and a button and is designed to get your visitors clicking. The slider module lets you add image, text and buttons into slides with options for controls, parallax and video backgrounds. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Die geringen Kosten und die eingesparte Zeit machen das Plugin zum No Brainer! Es handelt sich hierbei um ein WordPress Theme und Plugin, welches du installieren musst. Ihr Anmeldeformular ist nun mit KlickTipp verknüpft und erscheint, wie auch die anderen Module des Divi Themes, im Design Ihrer Seite. Hier werden Module im einzelnen vorgestellt. I wanted a quick overview, and I certainly didn’t want to watch 46 separate videos. All rights reserved.Â, Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, inc. Un module est un petit bloc que l’on rajoute dans une section pour construire le layout d’une page web (mise en page). Es ist zwar wahr, dass WordPress grundlegende Funktionen zum Erstellen eines Blogs und jetzt eine Business-Website mit dem neuen bietet zwanzig SeventeenUm sich von der Konkurrenz abzuheben, aber insbesondere um ein einzigartiges und benutzerfreundliches Benutzererlebnis zu bieten, müssen Sie unbedingt ein WordPress-Theme suchen, das auf Ihr Unternehmen zugeschnitten … Each of the Divi builder module is designed to allow you to easily add specific types of content to your website from basic text through to contact forms and product listings, without having to code them in yourself. The Post Title Module shows the title of your current post, with the option of also showing the post Featured Image and meta data. Without modules we would have to handle the code itself – pasting it into the location we want it to appear and customizing each element within the code. Most have the same customizations which includes text, box shadow, border, filters, animation, and custom CSS fields. more information Accept. Im Divi-Builder stehen dem Anwender 40 Module zu Verfügung mit denen die meisten Funktionalitäten einer modernen Webseite abgedeckt werden. Combined, they provide the tools to create almost any website you can imagine. The Button module lets you add a fully customized button anywhere on your page. Content-Module im Visual Builder Der Divi Visual Builder kommt mit 40 sogenannten Content-Modulen. Divi full-width modules can only go inside a full width section (purple). The Image module displays an image with lazy-loading, a lightbox, filters, animation, an overlay with icons, and more. Divi verfügt über beinahe 50 verschiedene Content-Elemente, die sogenannten Module. i think there were 5 i hadn’t used before. The fullwidth slider module is the same as the slider module but can be added in a full width section. We want to hear from you. Einer der größten Vorteile von Divi*) ist die große Anzahl verfügbarer Divi Plugins von Drittanbietern. Social Media Follow lets you create links to your social profiles for up to 14 networks with their social icons, with or without a follow button, and with all the customizations you’d expect from a Divi module. You need this. Without modules we would have to handle the code itself – pasting it into the location we want it to appear and customizing each element within the code. Learn the ins and outs of every Divi module. The Post Slider module displays posts from the blog in any or all categories with custom ordering, read more button text, excerpt or complete post, custom arrows and controls, and as just text or with a featured image with custom overlay. The Code Module allows you to add code to your page such as plugin shortcodes or static HTML and is available as standard and full width modules. The Post Slider module allows you to display your blog posts in a slider. The Fullwidth Map lets you embed custom Google Maps anywhere on your page, but only within fullwidth sections. In this article we’ll look at every Divi module and describe what they do. The Person module combines text, an image, and social media links to provide a personal profile. Sliders can display as many slides as you want with arrows and controls, images with parallax backgrounds, video backgrounds, buttons, and content. Video allows you to embed videos from just about any source including those you upload or a URL, and it displays the video’s image or lets you customize it with an image as an overlay, and lets you customize the play icon color. Use the Comments module to place a blog commenting feature anywhere on your page, rather than just under the post, and style it to match your website’s design. We believe in the quality of our authors' products. Which Divi modules do you use the most? Divi Erfahrungen mit WordPress Page-Builder Themes, Plugins Marktplatz-Erfahrung - ausführlichen Divi by Elegantthemes Bericht jetzt ansehen, klicke Hier Page-Builder Module Jetzt wird es Interessant, 48 Module welche andere WordPress-Plugins ersetzen.. The contact form module allows you to add a contact that can be fully customized including Input Options, Conditional Logic & Field Validation . If a product you purchase is determined to be faulty or not as described, simply contact us within 24 hours for a full refund. If you choose to purchase via links on Divi Theme Examples you will never be charged any extra and you will be helping to keep this website a forever free resource for the Divi community. The Countdown Timer creates a timer that counts down to a date that you specify, making a great visual for a coming soon page in maintenance mode, product release, or an event. The search module allows you to add a search box anywhere on your site that will search website pages and blog posts. The blog module allows you to add posts from your blog anywhere on the page and offers more styling options than the default blog page. Divi Module in der Übersicht Oftmals sieht man den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht, was bei der grossen Anzahl an Modulen bei Divi ähnlich ist, deshalb haben wir hier eine Liste und Beispiele von Divi 3.0 zusammengefasst. Modulübersicht The video slider module lets you embed multiple videos from upload or URL into a slider and customize video thumbnail images and play button. Bar Counters provide an interesting way to display as many stats as you want with lazy-loading animation to make those stats stand out. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. There are 46 Divi modules built into the Divi Builder. The number counter displays numbers in with a counting animation, along with your title ad text. There are also many 3rd party developers who have created additional custom modules (usually via a Divi plugin) to further extend the building block options  and functionality within Divi. How many Divi modules are there? The Search module adds a customizable form with placeholder and backgrounds to your website that allows visitors to search your content while giving you the ability to exclude specific pages, posts, and categories. Jedes Modul ist in seinem Aussehen einstellbar und kann mit zahlreichen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten an die eigenen Bedürfnisse angepasst werden. The Code module provides an easy way to add code, such as static HTML or shortcodes from a third-party plugin, to a page. Let us know if you have any questions. Post Navigation adds fully customizable previous and next links to your posts in either the same category or any category and as text or buttons. The Gallery module shows a collection of images with pagination in either a grid layout or as a slider. They can be customized even further with CSS. The Circle Counter displays a single statistic with an animated counter that counts up to a certain number or percentage as the visitor scrolls. The Portfolio module allows you to display your projects with options for full-width or grid layout, category selection and pagination. The tabs module lets you create horizontally tabbed content using the WordPress default (not Divi builder) editor. I find that I tend to use the same modules over and over again. Im ersten Teil betrachten wir die Möglichkeiten der allgemeinen Einstellungen. I never really looked at them all before like this and realize I have only used about half of them before, so testing out a few of the others now. The Contact Form makes it easy to create forms with multiple fields that display according to logic that you determine. Blurbs are great for showcasing small pieces of information, such as skills, features, or services, and can include icons or images, and it has a content area just like the standard WordPress editor. Only Divi related updates. The full-width code module is the same as the code module but can be added to full-width sections. Buttons include text, links, icons, backgrounds, etc., and work great as stand-alone modules or as the button for another module to create calls to action. The gallery module allows you to create and manage image galleries anywhere on your page in either grid or slider style. The fullwidth post slider module is the same as the posts slider module but can be added in a full width section. Brown in Resources | Read Comments. Pro Tag werden 8 Unterrichtsstunden angeboten. The Fullwidth Menu makes it easy to place a navigation menu anywhere on the page, such as below the hero area or below the splash page image, within fullwidth sections.